J2 Innovations Presents at NREL IN2 Summit

As you may know, we’ve been beta-testing the newest FIN feature, Automated Commissioning with the team at NREL, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory »

Distributor Highlight: Cochrane Supply

If you’re a regular blog reader you probably recognize the name, Cochrane Supply. Earlier this year we helped them celebrate their 50th year in business at their building controls »

Take FIN For A Spin 5 City Tour with Cochrane

We’re excited to be on the road with our FIN authorized distributor, Cochrane Supply this month for a Take FIN for a Spin five city tour! If you’re »

Take a Tour of Our Newest FIN 4.0 Feature: Automated Commissioning

Last week we announced the newest feature of FIN 4.0, automated commissioning. In a nutshell, automated commissioning uses tagging and data modeling to automate the commissioning process. Commissioning is »

Automated Commissioning is Here

Last month we announced some exciting new changes to the FIN framework: FIN 4.0. Just to recap, FIN 4.0 completely changes the engineering workflow by using both HTML5 »