Meet the Team: Erol Baki

We would like to welcome Erol Baki to the J2 Innovations Team! Erol joins us from Dallas, Texas and will be supporting the FIN Community in the America’s and our FIN STACK Distribution Channel Partners. Erol brings expertise in energy and environmental management and technology, specializing in BAS technology that stems from his two decades of engineering and business development experience. His portfolio of companies includes Nokia, Schneider Electric, and Honeywell (to name a few).

Erol is passionate about commercial buildings and energy management, environmental technology, automation systems with security, and video integration. He has worked in many diverse environments such as data centers, corporate office buildings, government buildings, industrial/warehouse facilities, hospitals, retail, and residential.

When he isn’t finding solutions for enterprise drivers, generating revenue, shaking hands, and kissing babies, he enjoys making music, spending time in the great outdoors, skiing, photography, soccer, and using approximately 4 languages fluently.