ARBS Expo Recap

The J2 Innovations team hopped on a plane this week for the ARBS conference in Sydney, Australia. ARBS is Australia’s international trade exhibition for the HVAC, Refrigeration, and Building »

Haystack Reference Implementation Document Available

Here’s an exciting new development from the Project Haystack World! As you know, the project Haystack community has created a tagging and data modeling standard for the building automation »

We’re Hiring: Sales Team

The worldwide market for building and IoT related software applications is fast growing and offers many business opportunities. We strive for a leading position in these future digital market segments »

Using the FIN Framework Beyond Smart Buildings

Our OEM partner, IoTwarz in conjunction with Hepta Control Systems is going beyond traditional BAS applications. They are using the FIN framework for their EntroCIM data center infrastructure management software »

Big Things Coming from EasyIO and J2 Innovations

The J2 Innovations and EasyIO management teams gathered offsite in Carlsbad, CA for a 2-day “Meeting of the Minds...we talked market trends, strategy, and ways to collaboratively change an »